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Commercial lamps weaken and their light levels diminish as the lamps reach their end of life. Diminished light levels are less than ideal for a retail space and can be uninviting to potential customers.

Our team of Fully Qualified Master Electricians offer group re-lamping services as an effective way to maintain ideal light levels and decrease expenditures on lamp replacements. Light fixtures also collect dust, which further diminishes light levels.

When a space is re-lamped, each fixture is also cleared of dust and debris to best restore a “like new” appearance. When lamps are of similar light output and colour, a lighting installation looks better. Shopping centres, retail stores, supermarkets, dealerships etc. are retail spaces that are trying to attract customers.

The quality of the lighting says as much about the store as the merchandise. Re-lamping maintains the quality of light and makes your retail space more inviting for your customers.

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