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Eco Electrical Services Brisbane are specialists when it comes to home entertainment and can cater for everything from concealed wire installations and TV wall mounting and connections. Our Fully Qualified Master Electricians will ensure your television is connected and fitted securely and safely.

We have a range of products available for installation that can connect all your televisions through a network of data cables; so your online viewing platforms can be easily accessed on all your televisions and devices.

With the massive amount of new digital options for television available in Australia there are so many reasons to ensure your TV is connected properly. With new technology and internet based digital television networks and platforms, it is possible that your old TV will not be capable of keeping up with everything without a few adjustments.

One of the most common custom changes Brisbane residents are making in recent times is to have an additional television installed in outdoor areas, or in bedrooms and even bathrooms. New televisions are becoming very inexpensive to buy, and with this comes more options for in-home entertainment, and more options for relaxing viewing.

When it comes to custom television connections and installation in your home, our Technicians have a very broad range of options that will have you enjoying hundreds of digital channels and TV shows and movies all through your home in no time. When it comes to home entertainment, no job is too big or too small for Eco Electrical Services Brisbane.



If you have recently moved into a new home to discover the previous tenants or owners had never had phone lines installed, or maybe you have just finished building your new home and have no phone lines, Eco Electrical Services Brisbane are able to install these for you.

If you already have phone lines in your home but need phone lines located in a separate area of your home for a separate line for a home business, then specific phone cable extensions must be carried out by a licensed technician. Sometimes the lines in your home can become damaged or faulty due to many reasons such as age, water damage or rodents.

When your cables become damaged or faulty it can cause many issues from phones not working to internet and alarm faults. It is especially important to use a trained, fully licensed technician when installing new phone lines, adding additional phone lines or having repairs carried out. Eco Electrical Services Brisbane are your local experts when it comes to installation and repairs of phone lines and wiring.

We are able to connect additional telephone outlets as well as locate and repair existing faults. Contact Eco Electrical Services Brisbane today for your free quote.


With the massive advancements currently being rolled out by the Australian Government with the National Broadband Network, depending on where you live and what existing data lines you have in your home, you may need to do some minor upgrades within to ensure you get the most out of the new fast internet speeds.

Sometimes issues can occur with your data cabling that creates issues with your internet and anything else connected to the data lines. Because the cabling network within your home’s wall is a very intricate and delicate setup, it is important not to attempt to try and find issues yourself, and it is especially important that you do not attempt to repair any issues.

Eco Electrical Services Brisbane have a team of Fully Qualified Master Electricians to tend to all your data cabling needs, whether you require installations or repairs. We can supply and install a number of different items relating to data cabling and investigate and repair computer and internet networking related issues.

With the installation dates drawing near around South East Queensland for the NBN, upgrading your home networking and telecommunications cabling in preparation for installation is an exceptionally good option.

Eco Electrical Services Brisbane can set out a data cabling and NBN cabling plan for your home and can customize a complete networking system to suit the needs of your home.

Once your home is connected to the NBN, it is also a good idea to remove or upgrade any old data and telephone outlets, and our Electricians can perform the task for you, as well as allocate NBN friendly outlets in the rooms that you need them. If you need telephone or data cabling services and live in Brisbane, call us today for your free quote.

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