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Modern homes and commercial properties have a number of sensitive electrical devices and appliances. These devices are connected to the electrical system and rely on a consistent and healthy supply of current.

Unfortunately, systems do experience sudden surges and these surges can ruin these appliances and equipment. A surge in power can also be the result of a lighting strike. This is why the team at Eco Electrical Services Brisbane recommend surge protection to our clients.

What is Surge Protection & why do you need it in your Home?

When the electrical voltage increases well above the normal levels for more than three nanoseconds, your system experiences a surge. This surge might look small on paper, but it can fry sensitive circuitry, cause wires to become hot and burn, and damage your devices permanently. Surge protection devices monitor the supply of electricity and detect the surge as it happens.

They will immediately direct all excess energy to a grounding wire and stabilize the system to normal flow of current and voltage. If you don’t have any surge protection devices, this surge will continue uninterrupted and the excess electricity will damage the system.

What Appliances and Devices require Surge Protection in your Home?

Installing a surge protection device by a qualified electrician in your switchboard means your whole electrical system and all your appliances are protected. Here’s a list of appliances that require protection:

  • Kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dish washers, etc.
  • Computers, data centres, and servers
  • Televisions, entertainment systems and gaming consoles
  • Stereo systems, speakers, and media centres
  • Lighting

These devices are not just vulnerable to surges, they are also expensive to replace so if you want to save some time and money, you should install surge protection. Our Fully Qualified Master Electricians recommend having a surge protector on your whole installation, providing protection for anything and everything that is part of your electrical system. If you would like to know more about surge protection, please call Eco Electrical Services Brisbane today for friendly advice and a free quote.

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